EB Games EXPO hits Australia in October

Aussies don’t generally get to go to the big game shows, due to their unfortunate location on the wrong side of the planet – so it’s nice to see someone putting on a show Down Under!

EB Games, Australia’s largest video game software retailer has announced potentially the “biggest gaming event” in Australian history: The EB Games EXPO.


(You know it's big, because it's in all-caps...)

The event all kicks off on Saturday October 15th, with events taking up the whole weekend. It’s promising to showcase the most exciting new release and upcoming titles, making a selection playable for the first time in Australia. International game developers will also be in attendance, making live presentations and generally being awesome.

If you’re interested, make sure you’re at the Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre, in Queensland.

Apparently, this project has taken more than three years of work behind the scenes, and EB Games National Events Manager Trent Weekes explains the company is hoping to unite the Aussie gaming community. The plan is to show off the biggest and best of what the industry can offer – and to do it on a scale that has never been seen in Australia.

Weekes says:

“Our internal October conference is already Australia’s largest gaming event which attracts a huge amount of international gaming talent, so it was a natural progression that we open the event to the gaming community.

“While full exhibitor lists will be released in the coming months, we’re really excited that we are able to offer a gaming event of this scale in Australia which will give the gaming community a chance to get their hands on such high calibre playable code as we did internally last October with Call of Duty, Assassins Creed, Dragon Age and Duke Nukem to name a few.”

(It was the EB Games internal conference that brought Randy Pitchford to Australia late last year, where he presented Duke Nukem Forever in a playable state to a bunch of excited fans at Brisbane’s [surl=http://www.manabar.com.au]Mana Bar[/surl].)

Assorted publishers, including Ubisoft and Electronic Arts are already pretty excited about being involved, with one describing the event as “a great step forward” for the Australian gaming community.

…and it’s not all games over the weekend, either. The event also features the first ever Australian Final for World Cyber Games, and the adrenaline-pumping display that is the EB Arena Spectacular, featuring Showtime FMX and its freestyle motocross.

Want to get along to the EB Games EXPO? You’ll need to pick up your tickets early – they go on sale Thursday 2nd June through EB Games, or online at [surl=http://www.ebexpo.com.au]ebexpo.com.au[/surl].

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