Pomplamoose tune takes on Angry Birds

…I might have been looking for an excuse to feature this next band, but have always had trouble trying to figure out how [surl=http://www.pomplamoose.com/]Pomplamoose[/surl] really had anything to do with gaming.

Now I know.

This is perhaps the most “indie” thing we’ve seen all week, in every sense of the word. Pomplamoose are a Californian musical duo which specialises in “VideoSongs”. Basically, what you see is what you hear – every sound in the audio track has also been videoed and edited back together. There are no hidden sounds – if you hear it in the tune, you’ll see it in the footage (that means you are really hearing the sound of Jack Conte’s face being smushed into a piano).

The duo has received worldwide acclaim for their quirky, pop covers of popular tunes – but this one is a little quirkier than adapting Lady Gaga or The Chordettes. An instrumental video game soundtrack? Nice work!

Angry Birds of course is the physics puzzler that is staking a claim on every single element of human life.

And yes, the band did take their name from the French word for grapefruit. That’s pretty cool, too.

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