RedLime the biggest game ever for Starbreeze

It seems that the first rule of Project RedLime is that you talk about it as much as you can, while still skirting around the issue of what it actually is. Nobody mention the concept of Syndicate, okay?

Starbreeze Studios gets a bit arty

Starbreeze Studios - busy busy busy

Mikael Nermark, the new CEO of developer Starbreeze has re-confirmed the company’s involvement in the project:

“We are currently working on one game together with EA code name ‘RedLime’. This is pretty much all I can say right now.”

Making things sound pretty exciting, he’s also confirmed that the new game “the biggest project” the studio has ever worked on – making it larger than both Riddick and The Darkness.

We’d imagine it’s also significantly larger than the rumoured Jason Bourne tie-in the studio was working on with EA – that one was confirmed as cancelled early last year.

That decision was apparently “made by EA“, says Mikael, but in some ways he’s happy the studio has been able to move beyond games based on movies and comic books (Digital Extremes have taken on development duty for The Darkness sequel).

“All games have their pros and cons, but of course you could be more creative working on a none contemporary setting. Whatever the project is, if it’s an original IP or license, the most important thing is that you believe in the game and have fun developing it.”

Mikael Nermark spoke to [surl=]CVG[/surl] recently.

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