5 Bungie will not be at this year's Expo

E3 this year will be an interesting affair (as it always is), but one developer who’s just announced that it will not be in attendance is the lovely Bungie.


...has other plans for early June

In a recent blog post addressing all sorts of fun topics, poster Urk has claimed the company is actually doing you a favour.

We wanted to make sure you didn’t get whipped into a rumor-fueled frenzy only to have your expectations unceremoniously dashed during expo week.

As a sort of bizarre apology, Bungie has also made a pop-culture reference all the more real. Last week, American comedian/political commentator Stephen Colbert commented that Halo‘s Master Chief was likely a classified member of the (now famous) SEAL Team Six, which executed the raid on Osama bin Laden’s mansion.

Bungie responds:

While the operational status of The Chief and SEAL Team Six are both matters of secrecy, we can finally crack the lid on one of the operations we conducted around the launch of Halo: Reach.

Halo: Reach - Justice One

Who's that piloting Justice One?

That is, in fact, the Most Honorable Sir Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, Esquire there, piloting Justice One in Halo: Reach. These images were created by Bungie artist Lorraine McLees for a “potential mention” on The Colbert Report that unfortunately never materialised.

Now though, Urk felt it would be “a shame” for the material to remain stashed in the “For Our Eyes Only” archive.

Halo: Reach - Colbert

Male / Female / Colbert

Now, before you get too excited (too late?), this is not real.

No amount of button pressing, tearful forum posting, or prayer to the deity of your choosing will make this epic armor an in-game reality. This is the stuff of dreams.

…but oh, we can dream, can’t we?

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