Saint's Row: Drive By has been dropped

Saints Row

Saints Row

Video game publishers are notoriously tight-lipped when it comes to commenting on rumour and speculation, a protocol it seems THQ is all too happy to ignore today.

“We are not developing Saints Row: Drive By.”

So reads a statement from a THQ rep to [surl=]Joystiq[/surl], which leaves no room for re-interpretation as it confirms the 3DS game’s cancellation.

Saint’s Row: Drive-By was originally planned as a ‘mature’ title for 3DS, with an adaptation in the works for Xbox Live as well. The downloadable game was part of “a whole fleet” of games designed to launch together, and would unlock content in the full game.

It’s not known whether the downloadable title’s cancellation has anything to do with the negative reviews of Red Faction: Battlegrounds, which THQ published on Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network recently.

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