Join the Fallen Earth Decontamination Team

In case you were wondering how you could do your bit to save the Earth, Icarus Studios have some great advice. Sure, it’s Fallen Earth, but every bit counts, right?

The MMO is currently looking for new recruits to the Fallen Earth Decontamination Team. If you can search for, hunt down and ruthlessly squish bugs, detect and highlight exploits and generally clean up the wasteland, this might just be the job for you.

[img_big]center,2110,2010-11-18/FallenEarth1.jpg,No – he’s meant to be there.[/img_big]

Fill out the short questionnaire featured on the game’s website, let them know a bit about you (and whether or not you can “think outside of the box and not only seek out and report on bugs and issues in Fallen Earth but also help to find reproducible steps for other bugs that have been reported”), and you’re in!

…if nothing else, this is one of the more interesting approaches to beta-testing / bug-squishin’ that we’ve seen in a while. And, y’know, you’ll be helping make the Arizona wasteland a happier, shinier place! Hooray!

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