Buy Mothers' Day flowers, get Sam & Max free

You know those really annoying internet deals that offer you something “free” as long as you, y’know, pay for something else? Well, Telltale Games and TrialPay have teamed up on a deal which will not only get what you want, but solve that nagging “Mothers’ Day” problem, too.

For a limited time only, if you order a beautiful floral arrangement for your Mum, you’ll get a copy of Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse absolutely free.

Sam & Max - Mothers' Day Flowers

Or you could keep the flowers and give her the game...

Actually, there are more deals than just flowers, but think about it. Mothers’ Day is this weekend, and – honestly – have you picked anything up for her yet?

There are two florist deals available – one through [surl=]Teleflora[/surl], and a more expensive option through [surl=]Interflora[/surl]. Simply sign up with your email address, make an order for the minimum amount, and you’re set.

In Australian dollars, the game sells for AU$34.95, and you can snag that for free, with a AU$40 bunch of flowers. Might be more than you were going to spend – but isn’t Mum worth it?

Other options include photo products (also great for Mum!), learning software, free movies, cheap business cards, SIM cards and domain names. Head over to the TrialPay website and sign up. Just remember to think of playerattack and Telltale Games when your mother calls to thank you for the beautiful blooms.

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