Fruit Ninja slashes its way to Kinect

Slicing up tasty morsels has moved from the kitchen to the smartphone with Fruit Ninja from Aussie devs Halfbrick, and if the Korean Game Ratings Board is to be believed, it’s about to make the shift into our living rooms, too.

[img_big]center,2380,2010-11-18/fn_screen_03.jpg,Yum yum![/img_big]

According to [surl=]Siliconera[/surl], the Korean Board states that the super-popular title, which sees you hacking and slashing your way through strawberries, oranges, melons and pineapples, will be appearing in the near future on Xbox 360 – and it’ll be Kinect enabled, too.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about such a concept – recently, a bunch of German students created a life-sized, motion-controlled version of Fruit Ninja. The game, designed for either Kinect or Wii, was set up inside a CAVE (that’s a Cave Automatic Virtual Environment, for those playing at home).

Halfbrick are remaining quiet on the topic, so we don’t yet know what form the game will take when it does appear on the bigger screen. We’re crossing our fingers for some snazzy new graphics, and the potential for multiplayer!

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