12yo fakes her death to be with WoW boyfriend

An 11-year old girl in Albuquerque, New Mexico, thought she’d met the boy of her dreams late last year, when playing World of Warcraft. The young man in question, Alex Trowell, was 18, and lived a couple of states over, in Idaho.

World of Warcraft

True love never runs smooth

The young couple chatted online for hours, before moving to cellphone conversations and text messages, and it was only a matter of time before the pair decided to meet in person. Alex planned the roadtrip, only to have the police catch wind of his travel plans. Due to concerns about the girl’s age, law enforcement suggested that Alex might want to turn around and return home, without even seeing his girlfriend’s face.

Alex Trowell

Alex Trowell

This didn’t dampen the blossoming relationship however, which continued unabated – a few months later, Alex arranged flights for the young girl in April, so she could fly from New Mexico to Idaho in order to be with him.

The story up to this point is fairly straight-forward and plays out like we’ve seen before, but here’s where this couple’s story takes an interesting twist.

To ensure that “no one would come looking for her”, the girl (who was now 12 years old) wrote out a suicide note before leaving for the airport. Once she arrived in Idaho, Alex would set the girl up in an abandoned house next to his grandparents’.

All went perfectly. Alex and his young love spent one night in Idaho, hiding in Alex’s parents’ bedroom. The new couple claim they were romantic, but did not have sexual intercourse.

…unfortunately, the next morning brought real life crashing down on young love. Alex was arrested the next day, as police made arrangements to send the unnamed girl back home to New Mexico. He now faces “a slew of charges” including child enticement and transporting a minor. We’re not sure how the girl’s parents have handled their daughter coming back from the dead.

(Source: [surl=http://www.kob.com/article/stories/s2085372.shtml]KOB Eyewitness News 4[/surl])

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