Unpleasant Horse has bolted onto the App Store

After a resubmission, Unpleasant Horse has trotted his way onto the App Store, bright and fresh and ready to wreak havok on the world at large.

[img_big]center,7789,2011-04-07/UnpleasantHorse-Banner.jpg,He lives up to his name[/img_big]

To recap, Unpleasant Horse is the first game released under PopCap‘s new spin-off casual label, 4th & Battery. We were excited to hear about it, and then disappointed when the Powers That Be decided that, apparently, horses dying in meat grinders was inappropriate content

Anyway, fast-forward a few weeks and we’re here, the game’s finally been launched, and everybody can squish those pesky ponies once and for all – and did we mention it’s free?

Unpleasant Horse plans his next move

Unpleasant Horse plans his next move

The good news is that you are a horse with wings. Nobody doesn’t like those! The bad news is that you are a, well, rather unpleasant horse with wings. How unpleasant? Glad you asked. Get this: Your idea of a good time is bouncing from cloud to cloud and on to the backs of other, cuter flying ponies, who will thus be sent plummeting to a gruesome, bone-chewing demise, thanks to an unfortunately placed series of meat grinders on the ground below. (Really kind of a tragedy of civil engineering.) All is well and good for you, though—unless you happen to miss a cloud or pony, and then, guess what? Those meat grinders don’t play favorites. So keep those wings flapping, don’t miss a jump, and keep a lookout for cool powerups to keep you flying longer and higher!

Unpleasant Horse is the result of PopCap‘s first game jam event, where employees pulled a name out of a hat, had to make a complete game in just 24 hours. That was enough time to lay down the ideas and get it playable, with a few weeks spent polishing up the game and tying any loose ends.

The end result is …interesting. It won’t be everybody’s cup of tea, but for those who like something a little different, a little edgier, a little less “pleasant”, it might well be worth it. And, let’s face it, the price is right!

PopCap games are for everyone. 4th & Battery games? Maybe not. 4th & Battery is where we get to try out smaller, stranger, edgier game ideas. Expect fun and occasional weirdness. Welcome to the sandbox!

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