Epic soundtrack released for Mount&Blade

It’s a little-known fact that listening to gaming soundtracks will make even the most mundane task seem immeasurably more epic and enjoyable. To test this out for yourself, why not grab the shiny new developers’ choice soundtrack from Paradox Interactive, and plug that in while you’re doing the dishes or tidying your room?

[img_big]center,3794,2011-04-28/3.jpg,Mount&Blade: Warband[/img_big]

The soundtrack includes 30 tunes from both Mount&Blade: Warband and the upcoming sequel, Mount&Blade: With Fire & Sword. Musician Jesse Hopkins worked closely on both games, collaborating with Pyotr Salnikov on the more relaxed and peaceful, Eastern-inspired Fire & Sword.

…and in case you were wondering just where all the sounds came from, Paradox and Hopkins were able to wrangle the Moscow State Historical & Ethnographic Theater to provide authentic village music to the score.

Not bad, and guaranteed to make your mundane chores that little bit more interesting this weekend.

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