Duke Nukem poses for official portrait (for charity)

One thing lacking in many houses today is a glorious, oversized oil painting. Possibly a portrait. If you’ve got a big, empty patch of wall just waiting for a rich, glorious piece of artwork, pay close attention.

Duke Nukem, and his publisher 2K Games are proud to present this stunning masterpiece: Untitled: I’m So Awesome, I Don’t Even Need To Name It.

[img_big]center,72,2011-04-27/scan01f.jpg,Untitled – click to enlarge[/img_big]

The specially-commissioned piece – 35″ x 23″ – was created by well-known portrait artist Frank Frid, who spent a record 350 man-hours on the project (Duke claims it was painted in a single sitting).

Potentially overshadowing the other major event happening this week, Duke’s portrait will be unveiled to the public prior to the Royal Wedding. Following the ceremony, the oil-on-board artwork will be moved to a more permanent exhibition space, forming part of the launch celebrations for Duke Nukem Forever.

“As usual, I look awesome. I’m clearly the Royal story everyone should be talking about this week.”

2K Games is also organising a limited edition run of 200 signed prints, which will be “partly” used to raise money for charity. Stay tuned for information on how you can get your hands on one!

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