Xbox LIVE gamers unbanned, rebanned

There are a number of reasons why you might find yourself banned from Xbox Live. Piracy is a big one, inappropriate behaviour another, while offensive emblems in-game will see you swiftly dispatched from the service. Most commonly though (of course) is using a modded Xbox 360 – even if you’re not playing pirated software.


Xbox LIVE frowns on cheaters, mostly.

Normally, the banhammer is used to remove swathes of nefarious no-goods from the system – but earlier this week, it seems that the claw-end was used, where a bunch of gamers discovered that their previously banned consoles were happily able to log in to the system.

According to posts on xbox-scene, it looks like normal people were unable to create new Xbox Live accounts, but those who had been banned were able to access their older ones.

While logged in, these banned gamers were unable to play online or buy any new games or demos, but certain housekeeping activities (updating avatars, editing personal information) was possible.

Within twelve hours though, Microsoft had replaced the bans, kicking everybody who shouldn’t have been online, and restoring everything to the way it had been before. Curiouser and curiouser.

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