Aussie PSN gamer claims $2K in credit card fraud

This week’s PlayStation Network drama continues to get worse, as an Australian gamer points the finger at Sony in what might be the first documented case of fraud related to the unauthorised intrusion.

PlayStation Network

Are the hackers in Australia?

Adelaide man Rory Spreckley alleges that his credit card – the same one he used for his PlayStation Network account – has gone off on a shopping spree without him, racking up AU$2,000 worth of unauthorised charges.

According to the [surl=]ABC[/surl], Rory checked his banking details on Wednesday morning and was quite surprised to see his recent transactions:

“I logged into my bank account just to check everything was OK and I found out there was some just over $2,000 in charges which I didn’t personally accrue.”

Hardware giant Sony discovered that its network had been compromised between April 17th and April 19th, and made a statement yesterday explaining that more than 77 million gamers’ personal details may have been stolen.

At this stage, there is “no firm evidence” that credit card details have actually been accessed, but Mr. Spreckley claims that the transactions on his account took place in the past few days.

“There was a number of early transactions on the 23rd of amounts under $1, which they say is the usual kind of test run that fraudsters do and then there’s been a number of transactions of larger amounts, including domestic flights within Australia, bookings at Best Westerns [hotels] and what not.”

If you are a concerned PlayStation Network subscriber, Sony have published a number of FAQs and Updates online to keep you posted about the situation. UK Playstation Update on PSN Service Outages, an Australian PSN/Qriocity Service Update and a collection of Consumer Alerts for people around the world.

While it is not currently advised that gamers cancel their credit cards, it is a good idea to keep an eye on your bank statements and financial records, and change any passwords for online services.

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