5 Nintendo console confirmed for E3 reveal

The weekend’s other bombshell was something a bit happier – Nintendo have confirmed that the Japanese hardware giant will be releasing its next console in 2012. The as-yet unnamed games machine will be revealed properly at this year’s E3 Expo, where attendees will be able to get their hands on it and check it out properly.

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Finally, it's official!

Currently codenamed “Project Cafe” and commonly referred to as the “Wii 2”, gamers around the world are getting a little bit excited about the new console. Will it be HD? Will it be as powerful as the Xbox 360 / PSN? Will it feature a tablet-shaped controller with a touchscreen?

We’re guessing it probably won’t be in 3D, as company CEO Satoru Iwata has previously observed that 3D tvs really haven’t spread widely among consumers, so a 3D games system is difficult to justify.

A 2012 launch will see the Wii replaced within just six years of launch. Both Sony and Microsoft are allegedly looking to release their new games machines in 2014, giving their current consoles an anticipated eight-year lifespan.

According to Iwata, the decision not to wait was simple:

“It became difficult for developers to surprise customers with the current Wii.”

So – within just a few short weeks, we should know more about what’s in store at Big N. Will it be as groundbreaking as the Wii? Will it be as gimmick-free as we’ve been promised? Will it finally start to shed the company’s reputation as the “softer option”, when it comes to consoles?

E3 is held in Los Angeles over June 7-9.

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