Bungie wants beta testers!

Bungie are best known for developing the best-selling Halo series. Since handing over that crown, the company has remained fairly quiet. Late last year, the Bungie Beta Tester program was launched – and then closed fairly shortly after.

Now though, it’s re-opened! If you wanted to jump into some surveys and playtests and other fun stuff in the leadup to Bungie‘s first non-Halo title in a good number of years, here’s your chance.


Where to now?

Head over to the [surl=https://www.bungie.net/Account/Playtest/default.aspx]official website[/surl] and fill out the survey there, to throw your name into the comically-oversized hat.

…of course, with this all popping up again, it’s spawned a new round of ponderances – what will Bungie create next? We’ve seen a bunch of new domain registrations – Seven Seraphs, Osiris, New Monarchy, Dead Orbit… – but nothing official. Rumours have floated around that it may be a cross-platform experience with a persistent world, too – perhaps with massively multiplayer elements?

Fingers crossed, with E3 looming just six weeks away, we won’t have too long to wait.

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