Star Wars Galaxies adds free Character Transfers

If you’re playing Star Wars Galaxies, you will soon be able to transport your character to a server far, far away. I know, it’s cheesy, but – seriously – the team behind the intergalactic MMO has announced a Free Character Transfer Service, kicking off on Tuesday April 26th, immediately after the 4am PDT server restarts.

[img_big]center,5427,2010-11-20/screenShot0024.jpg,Quicker than taking an AT-AT[/img_big]

We all know how isolating it feels to be playing on one server while your friends are elsewhere – and now you’ll be able to rectify that. Your character must be at least 90 days old, and on a game account that is currently in good standing. Once you’ve jumped servers – for free – you’ll have to wait another 90 days before becoming eligible to transfer to another qualifying server for free (and so on, and so on).

Your SWG character must be on one of the original ten ground planets – that is, Corellia, Dantooine, Tatooine, Endor, Dathomir, Lok, Naboo, Rori, Talus or Yavin 4. Then it’s a simple matter of opening up the FCTS window (or typing /freects into your chat window) and beginning the transfer.

…before you ask, you will not be able to transfer to the Starsider galaxy – but if you’re already there, you can take this opportunity to leave.

For more information, and a handy walkthrough, head to the game’s [surl=]official website[/surl].

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