Choose which Magicka map you want free

Following the recent release of Magicka Vietnam, it’s somehow refreshing to see the guys at Paradox and Arrowhead Studios heading back to a slightly more conventional battleground with the next batch of downloadable content for Magicka.

Apparently, gamers want the chance to be killed by “endless hordes of monsters”, rather than their gaming colleagues and friends. You’ve asked, the devs have listened, and there are two brand new Challenge Maps being prepared for launch in Magicka, “the Game Which Punishes Typos with Swift Explosive Death™”.

Magicka: Caverns     Magicka: Marshlands
Which one will you choose?

The developers are putting the finishing touches on the maps, due to launch on April 26th, and they’ve decided – out of the goodness of their collective hearts – to offer one of the Caverns and Marshlands maps for free.

It’s up to you which one is a gift, however, and there’s a handy poll that’s been set up to work it all out.

Magicka: Caverns

Magicka: Caverns

Would you like to try the Caverns? It’s full of trolls!

Magicka: Marshlands

Magicka: Marshlands

…how about the Marshlands – that one’s full of Zombies, “the monster that fills a completely untapped niche”.

The developers claim that both maps are so difficult and so dangerous that adding them to Magicka is “the demented act of a madman”, but both will be released regardless. One free, one for US$1.99.

Choosing which map will be free is an agonizing decision though, which we didn’t feel like making, so instead we’re opting to conduct an extremely scientific poll via Facebook to let Magicka fans ultimately decide. This poll will run for only 24 hours, allowing it to fit within our very short attention spans. Look, a squirrel! Wait, what did we just say?

Want to control the game? Head to the Magicka Facebook page and cast your vote. At time of writing, if you’re interested in the Marshlands, vote a lot, you’re lagging behind.

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