Man robs convenience store with PS3 controller

There are gaming controllers that look like firearms. The Wii Blaster is one of them. The PS3 Dualshock 3 is not. It seems that a Florida man didn’t get the memo, and attempted to rob a convenience store with a PS3 controller.

The PlayStation DualShock 3

Is that a games controller in your pocket, or...?

Cameron Pittman, aged 20, has been arrested after he allegedly stuffed the controller in his pocket and pretended it was a gun, as he tried to rob a convenience store.

Despite his unique choice of false-weapon, he might have gotten away with it too, had a police officer not walked into the store mid-robbery. Pittman is now facing charges of strong-arm robbery and violation of probation.

According to statements, police had received a tip-off that Pittman may have been at the store, and he was caught in the act. The man had already been on police radar following an earlier robbery at a nearby Subway restaurant.

It is not yet known whether Pittman used the Dualshock at the sandwich store, too.

Source: [surl=]Bay News 9[/surl]

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