The Voxel Agents have been very busy

Australian developers The Voxel Agents have been keeping themselves very busy, Down Under. Today sees new agents join the team, a new update for both Train Conductor and Train Conductor 2, and – believe it or not – a train race.

The Voxel Agents had a pretty awesome 2010, so by the time 2011 rolled around, the trio decided to expand to a [surl=]quintet[/surl]. Today, the team has introduced its newest members – Yangtian Li, graphic designer and Minister for Pranks, and Henrik Pettersson, Game Designer and 00′ Agent (with a Licence to Thrill).

These guys look like they’re exciting new additions to the developer, with Henrik already contributing the new Seattle level for Train Conductor 2 and Yangtian taking on the mammoth task of touching up almost every asset in Train Conductor and Train Conductor 2 as well as drawing the Seattle level and creating an all-new Sydney background. Next time you play, check out the introduction of Circular Quay!

The Voxel Agents - and then there were five...

And then there were five...

So that’s all kinda fabulous, but it gets better.

If you haven’t yet played it, you can pick up a copy of the original Train Conductor completely free, thanks to #FreeAppADay. Head over to the [surl=]App Store[/surl] and grab your copy – and maybe snag the sequel while you’re there – it’s just [surl=]$0.99[/surl]!

[img_big]center,41,2010-07-13/NewYorkCitySubway.png,New York City in Train Conductor 2[/img_big]

Both Train Conductor and Train Conductor 2 have received a shiny new update today.

As of April 19th, The Voxel Agents claim “Everything is NEW!” in Train Conductor 2, which received “gorgeous” menus, tightened graphics and redesigned locations, as well as a handy iPad 2 / iPhone 4-centric update (“Take that, Retina Display!”).

The original game was tweaked too, with the biggest update in Train Conductor history. The game is now fully iPad / iPad 2 compatible, with a new look for both Sydney and Melbourne, and you might even find a special Easter Bunny treat hiding somewhere!

Train Conductor - Happy Easter

Love, The Voxel Agents

…but what about this train race? It’s pretty simple. You’ll need to follow [surl=]@TheVoxelAgents[/surl] on Twitter, and then be among the first five people to deliver 50,000 trains in Train Conductor 2.

The winner will receive two promo codes for the game, to spread the love among their friends. Off ya go, then – what else were you planning on doing over the Easter long weekend?

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