MySpace: Zynga has now left the building

The blows just keep coming for MySpace, with casual gaming monster Zynga pulling Mafia Wars from the social networking site.

Mafia Wars

Taking their business elsewhere...

Officially, Mafia Wars on MySpace was discontinued on April 18th, with all visitors now directed to the game’s official site, [surl=][/surl] to continue playing. The new site features an “improved performance” and boasts new locations to play in.

Zynga isn’t the first publisher to pull out of MySpace, with both Playdom and RockYou either removing games or abandoning the site completely.

We’re guessing Zynga is set to focus its attentions on Facebook, where the company sees more than 266 million monthly active users. To put that into perspective, it’s 200 million ahead of its nearest competitor…

MySpace, once the big player in social networking circles, has been suffering lately, following significant layoffs and a serious slide in traffic numbers. News Corp are allegedly looking for a buyer for the site, but nobody’s sure quite who would want the site, which is lagging seriously behind relative newcomer Facebook.

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