Ubisoft takes Rocksmith to the people

We were intrigued by the early glimpse we had of Ubisoft‘s new music game Rocksmith, but we wanted to know what real people thought of the game.

Looks like Ubisoft did too, so the company took the tour bus on the road and pulled in at the recent [surl=http://sxsw.com/]South By Southwest[/surl] convention in Austin, Texas. Everybody wanted to get their hands on the game, with a whole bunch of guitar experts and random people visiting the bus to check it out for themselves.

As we mentioned last month, Rocksmith lets you plug a real guitar into your Xbox 360, PC or PS3, and rock out. Looks like the music/rhythm genre isn’t quite as dead as we thought.

So, after checking out that video? We’re even more intrigued than we were before. This one might just end up on our Christmas list, right alongside a nice shiny Rickenbacker or something.

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