Capps: Epic Games has Weathered the Storm

A number of U.S. states – including North Carolina – were battered by some pretty wild weather over the weekend. When gamers think of North Carolina, they think of one thing: Epic Games. Around the world, fans of Gears of War, Unreal Tournament and the Unreal Engine in general were worried that something might have happened to the studio, or the staff.

Buildings at Epic Games HQ

Epic Games HQ: Still Standing

Fortunately, Monday dawned bright and clear, and company president Mike Capps has addressed the masses, announcing that “Epic Games has Weathered the Storm”.

I’d like to thank all our friends and colleagues for their concern in the wake of the storm and [surl=]multiple tornadoes[/surl] that hit North Carolina on Saturday. Not everyone has reported in yet (the one downside to core hours starting at 1:30pm!) but so far it sounds like everyone in the Epic family is okay.

In a post on the company’s [surl=]community page[/surl], Capps goes on to mention some of the effects of the storm – an “uncountable” number of downed trees, extensive damage to buildings and houses and, sadly, many casualties.

Areas around the state are still without power, with several cities still in a state of emergency. He says that, in a way, the community was “lucky” to have had this happen on a Saturday. At least one school in the area was completely destroyed.

Parts of destroyed buildings are scattered everywhere, and one Epic employee got a call saying a piece of their lawn equipment had landed in a yard in north Raleigh. They live in Sanford, over 50 miles away.

[img_big]center,45,2010-07-21/gears3_deltasquad_web.jpg,Delta Squad in Gears of War 3[/img_big]

Capps expresses how proud he is of the Epic staffers who helped their neighbours clean up debris and clear fallen trees – and of those who offered extra rooms in their homes for people without shelter.

After all, as the man says:

If there’s one thing Epic folks know how to do, it’s fire up their chainsaws in an emergency!

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