Alleged rape removed from Twisted Metal trailer

Despite creator David Jaffe asserting that the latest trailer for Twisted Metal did not include a rape scenario, the controversial scene has been removed for the video’s “extended” re-release.

Last week, Mr. Jaffe and the crew at Eat Sleep Play released a shiny new trailer for Twisted Metal, titled “Broken”. The trailer featured everybody’s favourite characters, Mr. Grimm, Calypso and – of course – Sweet Tooth.


And nobody really should be surprised that it was the serial killer clown that got people up in arms.

The [surl=]original cut[/surl] of the trailer featured a very brief scene showing Sweet Tooth ‘menacing’ a girl in a bedroom, brandishing his machete. It didn’t take long before gamers and critics were accusing the clown, the game, and Jaffe himself of condoning not only violence against women – but, more vocally, rape.

Jaffe – always outspoken – took to Twitter to comment on the situation:

“Wow- amazed/saddened/confused that people are getting ‘rape’ from the new TWISTED METAL trailer. Wha?!? Is it Tooth attacking a girl? Yep!

“That’s kind of what he does, he’s a slasher in the vein of Freddy and Jason. But raping her?!? Where the hell are some of ya’ll getting that?”

Twisted Metal - Sweet Tooth

It's all in the mind...

And then, he hit the nail squarely on the head, suggesting that the problem is with the viewer, not the creator.

“The fact that many auto assume violence against women (violence against ANYONE is horrific) equates to rape I think speaks more about that person’s views of sex and power and violence than our trailer does. Rape is a violent, non sexual act in most cases. Our media being sexualized should have NOTHING to do w/ triggering a thought of rape4 folks who don’t go there anyway.”

Now though, gamers are now proving that Jaffe truly can’t win – last week he was copping flak for apparently condoning rape. This week, he’s back in the firing line again, for daring to remove the scene.

Twisted Metal is due out on October 4th, 2011, exclusively for PS3.

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