Battlefield 3 reveals 12 minutes of gameplay

At this point in time, there is no such thing as too much Battlefield 3, right? That’s why we were so pleased to see this brand new video from EA and DICE, showing off 12 minutes of gameplay in the full Fault Line reveal.

…and, just as we expected, this never-before-seen footage really is something to be admired.

There is one slight disappointment here, BF-fans – looks like word didn’t get out to the troops quite as effectively as EA had hoped. Last week, we were told that if 1,000,000 people “liked” the game over on [surl=]Facebook[/surl], the developers would allow an early reveal of this video, plus a release with bonus producer commentary.

That didn’t happen – at time of writing the page has a (very respectable) 849,265 fans, and the video (without commentary) was released at the scheduled time.

If you do want to see the version with the producer’s opinion and you don’t yet like Battlefield 3 on social networking sites, hop to it. If you do already like the page, why not convince your friends that they like it, too!

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