Deus Ex: Human Revolution glamourises implants

Did you know that the multi-corporation Sarif Industries, soon to be featured in Deus Ex: Human Revolution is real?* Neither did we, until we found this brand new television commercial advertising the brand.

The company must have popped up overnight, but this new video shows all of the ways that Sarif really can help your life. All you need to do is invest in some of these cyber implants, and everything will be even better than the real thing.

Sarif is the industry leader in augmentation with a fierce commitment towards providing the most advanced products and developing the most advanced technologies while remaining independent from large corporations that would compromise our ideals.

Ever wanted to be a piano master, an award-winning photographer, a star football player? Sarif can help. Now that we know about the corporation, we’re expecting to see more advertising for them – particularly in the leadup to Deus Ex: Human Revolution. For more information, head to [surl=][/surl]. While you’re there, have a poke around. I started noticing some weird messages on my screen, and it unlocked a whole heap of content marked “classified”. Not sure what’s going on there, but here’s a sample:

Deus Ex Human Revolution - armblade blueprint

I don't think we were meant to see this...

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is due out in August, for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

* Sarif Industries may not actually be real

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