Pure Pwnage releases free music compilation

Continuing a bit of a theme, we’ve got another free soundtrack for you today. This time it’s not just a game, however. Instead, it’s “a collection of music” relating to web series and TV show Pure Pwnage.

If you’re still mourning the sad demise of the series, this might help to cheer you up. Compiled by series co-founder Geoff Lapaire, there’s all sorts of bits and pieces here that will delight any fan.

Pure Pwnage - Jeremy and Kyle

Geoff - aka Kyle - is the one on the right.

The files were posted on the Pure Pwnage forums, where Geoff elaborated a little on some of the included tunes.

For instance, there’s a second – never-heard-before verse in the theme song for short-lived spin-off series [surl=http://proatcooking.blip.tv/]Pro at Cooking[/surl]. Web actress Miranda ‘Tagi’ Plant performs on a couple of tracks – Poker Dance and Battlefield of Love, while TV actress Melanie ‘October’ Scrofano is also featured – check out Tilt Your Guitar, one of her first performances in character (the vocals were recorded prior to filming the TV series).

Fans will recognise Ninja Jesus, an inclusion from Pronobozo – Lapaire recalls sending the musician samples from the episode and “he came back a few days later with the track that made the end credits of PPTV Ep2 awesome”.

References mentioned include Meatloaf, Queen, ACDC’s Angus Young, Van Halen, 70s prog rock, 80s metal, 90s grunge…

And yes, Teh n00b Song is included. Of course. Here it is:

As another special inclusion, Geoff’s also thrown in the ‘scratch vocal’ sessions of some songs from PPTV Episode 4.

Those are the mp3s I sent out to Melanie before the recording session. It’s me singing one take just to get the idea down. Maybe including them was a mistake?

Rest assured, none of it’s a mistake. Fans of Pure Pwnage around the world should download this one right away, plug it into their media player of choice, and relive some of the great moments from the beloved web series and short-lived TV show. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m all misty-eyed over what could have been

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