SupaBoy takes SNES, makes it portable

While some gamers are focussing on the latest and greatest, the shiniest and highest-definition hardware they can get their hands on, others prefer something a little more retro. We’re not sure quite which category the Supaboy fits into – the new handheld is awfully pretty and kinda modern, but behind the scenes, it’s as old-school as they come.

The SupaBoy handheld, from Hyperkin

Mmm, retrolicious!

In case the design of the new Supaboy seems a little familiar, there’s a good reason. The new handheld, in development at Hyperkin, is in fact a fully functioning SNES device, which will happily play all of your dusty old cartridges from the 1990s home console.

Don’t rush out and try to buy one of these just yet, the Supaboy is technically still just a prototype, but it’s shaping up to be something a bit awesome. The console itself features a 3.5″ LCD screen, and weighs just 11.2 ounces. The company boasts that you’ll be able to play for around five hours on a single charge. Choose for yourself whether you want to spend those hours on-the-go, or perhaps sitting at home, with the Supaboy hooked up to your TV via the A/V stereo-out.

And you won’t have to play with yourself, either – as well as the on-board D-pad, the Supaboy can accommodate two classic SNES controllers for a bit of multiplayer.

At this stage, we haven’t yet seen a date for the Supaboy, merely a “coming soon” notice and a suggestion of a “summer” launch in North America. It’s also been revealed that the handheld is currently only compatible with US-released Famicom games, but we’re reassured that a PAL version is in the works, too.

In case you hadn’t heard of Hyperkin, it’s a gaming accessories company, best known in the U.S. for things like an aluminium shell for the 3DS, as well as a collection of retro gaming peripherals. Head to the [surl=]company website[/surl] for more information.

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