Garry's Mod catches pirates the fun way

A few hours ago, Garry Newman – the creator of Garry’s Mod – asked, quite innocently, whether anyone was unable to shade polygon normals.

He received a few comments, mostly jokes, but a quick look at Google suggests that there are indeed a few people who are experiencing problems with their game.

[img_big]center,7427,2011-04-12/0000000823.jpg,A serious moment from Garry’s Mod[/img_big]

…you can hear Newman’s chuckling from here. Not the normal response to a wide-spread bug report, but this is no normal bug. It seems that the developer has deliberately enabled an error in GMod, which will only affect people who have pirated the game.

People started discussing the error on the game’s own [surl=]forums[/surl], wondering why their game simply wouldn’t work:

I need help with my garrys mod. Everytime I launch Garrys Mod, it starts up then about 5 seconds later after it is done loading, it crashed with the

Engine Error:Unable to shade polygon normals(#################)

Not long after posting the request, the user found themselves permabanned from the forums for using pirated software.

Making the situation even sweeter, the number which appears in brackets after the error statement is in fact the gamer’s 64-bit steamid.

Y’see, Steam keeps a list of which accounts have actually forked over the $9.99 for a legit copy of GMod – so it’s a simple matter of checking ids and turfing out the pirates.

Just another lesson on why piracy is bad, supporting indie developers is good, and why you shouldn’t mess with the nerds.

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