Mizuguchi puts Child of Eden in a corset

We love crazy peripherals as much as the next gamer, which is precisely why we’re hoping Q Entertainment and Ubisoft can make Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s latest brainchild a reality.

Currently hard at work on Child of Eden, Mizuguchi has announced that internal builds of the game have been designed to work with a unique electronic corset.

[img_big]center,1126,2010-11-17/COE_S_001_JULY_Beauty.jpg,Child of Eden[/img_big]

IGN reports that the garment features four controllers, each one vibrates in time to the game’s music, creating what we can only imagine is a pretty intense gaming experience.

It’s not the first time Mizuguchi has dabbled with interesting controllers. His earlier classic, Rez, featured a Trance Vibrator peripheral (which, unsurprisingly, was only officially released in Japan).

At this stage, it looks unlikely that the corset will ever escape the Q Entertainment studios, but oh, we can dream…

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