FBI raids wrong home, searching for WoW gold

The FBI may have had the wrong address when they recently raided an apartment in Michigan, investigating a World of Warcraft gold-selling claim. No arrests have been made following the March 30 raid.

The Bureau visited the Ann Arbor apartment in University Towers trying to find any information about “fraudulent sales or puchases of virtual currency” in the popular online game. An FBI spokesperson has explained to local media that she could not comment on the real-life raid, as many documents remain sealed.

Piles of gold in World of Warcraft

Piles of gold in World of Warcraft

Records that have been made public at this stage show that the agents executed a search warrant at 8:45am March 30th, seizing laptops, hard drives, gaming consoles, credit cards, a mobile phone, paperwork and other computer equipment. For a student, we imagine this is quite a frustrating experience.

According to the FBI, “at least one person” at the address is believed to be engaged in a scheme using fraudulent bank accounts to buy and sell in-game gold. The investigators were looking for any records of online transactions relating to World of Warcraft, Blizzard, a Chinese-based gold-farming website, and a number of online banking websites and auction houses.

The apartment, home to two male students at the University of Michigan, believe the FBI have the wrong people as neither of them play WoW.

“They thought we were involved in some kind of fraud. I’m pretty sure they have the wrong people, but they took all my stuff.”

Both men – who cannot be named as they have not actually been charged with a crime – are exploring their legal options with student services.

Source: [surl=http://www.annarbor.com/news/crime/fbi-agents-search-university-towers-apartment-during-probe-involving-world-of-warcraft-gamers/]Ann Arbor.com[/surl]

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