Take on the big boys with UFC Personal Trainer

Are you an athlete trapped in a gamers’ body? Would you like to reverse that equation? THQ are here to help. The company has today announced the newest game in the UFC portfolio, and it’s a combination even we didn’t expect – UFC Personal Trainer: The Ultimate Fitness System.

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It actually seems kinda serious, too – designed by the US National Academy of Sports Medicine, complete with support from a bunch of MMA training experts who have worked with the big names, such as current UFC Light Heavyweight Champ Jon Jones, current UFC Heavyweight Champ Cain Velasquez and the legendary former Heavyweight Champ Frank Mir.

Danny Bilson, executive Vice President for Core Games at THQ explains:

“UFC Personal Trainer delivers an authentic UFC fitness experience that is both fun and challenging while providing an intense workout.

“With the help of NASM and its Optimum Performance Training model, as well as the expertise of renowned MMA trainers Mark DellaGrotte, Greg Jackson and Javier Mendez, we are developing an original, high impact product that will help people around the world set and achieve their personal fitness goals.”

I don’t know that we can quite claim that the real MMA fighters use the exact workout included in UFC Personal Trainer, but – using voice command navigation and a full-body tracking system – THQ are planning something pretty special. Fitness routines and full programs have been designed to challenge and motivate gamers, with some of the best and most effective exercises used by the athletes themselves.

UFC President Dana White is also pleased:

“We are excited to join forces with THQ on the development of UFC Personal Trainer.

“We want to give fans the opportunity to train like their favorite UFC athletes, and this product will enable people around the world to learn and utilize exercises to get real results.”

[img_big]center,7788,2011-04-07/trainer_4.jpg,Yes – there are kicks included[/img_big]

UFC Personal Trainer is currently in the works for Kinect (which comes with a bunch of exclusive Xbox 360 content), as well as PS3 Move and the Nintendo Wii. All three are due in June 2011.

…now, we’re just waiting for the UFC singalong, which will see CroCop and Tim Silva crooning a thoughtful duet…

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