Bejeweled Soundtracks now available to download

Bejeweled 2 - A Musical Journey

Bleep, bloop, boop!

Continuing with today’s soundtrack theme, PopCap have today unleashed the music for both Bejeweled 2 and Bejeweled 3 onto an unsuspecting public.

The soundtracks, composed by Peter Hajba and Alexander Breandon have been completely remastered for release, and they’ve even thrown in a new remix, just for you.

Both games have been posted to Hajba’s [surl=]BandCamp page[/surl], where they’re free to stream, or you can fork over some cash if you’d like a copy for your very own. The Bejeweled 2 soundtrack, [surl=]A Musical Journey[/surl] will cost you €3, while tunes from the sequel, [surl=]A Musical Quest[/surl] are €6. If you’d like to pay more, that’s awfully generous of you!

While you’re lurking around BandCamp, it might also be worth visiting [surl=]Laura Shigihara[/surl]’s page, and snag a copy of the Plants vs. Zombies soundtrack, for $3.99.

For some cute little background electronica, some of it atmospheric, some of it energetic, you can’t really go wrong! Yay PopCap!

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