Metal for Gamers: MegaDriver turns it up to 11

If you’ve ever listened to a video game soundtrack and thought to yourself that, y’know, it would sound better if it was just a little bit more metal… you’re in luck. Brazilian band MegaDriver not only has one of the best names in rock’n’roll, but has also released a sampler from its latest album – [i]Metal for Gamers[/i].

MegaDriver - Metal for Gamers

Look at that attention to detail!

The band explains that many “classic” game soundtracks are comprised of instrumental music, and for years it’s been enough to simply reinterpret the tunes with a heavy metal twist. For the new album, however, MegaDriver felt the need to introduce something new.

The album sampler includes three tracks from the band’s upcoming release, inspired by Golden Axe, Castlevania and Top Gear. MegaDriver have added lyrics to each tune, in typical metal style – and, of course, it’s all inspired by the original games.

Nino, founder of the band, who rocks out on a Sonic the Hedgehog-inspired blue guitar, explains:

“The goal is to create Heavy Metal for hardcore gamers and keep paying tribute to the games we love.”

If you’re interested, head over to MegaDriver’s [surl=]website[/surl], you can check out the band’s entire back catalogue (including the Metal For Gamers promo), and download the whole lot for free if you like what you hear. There are more than 150 tracks in the library, dating back to 2003 and featuring a mix of classical reinterpretations alongside tributes to Duke Nukem, Alex Kidd, Altered Beast, Double Dragon and Streets of Rage.

Personally, I’m listening to Axe Tales as I write this, and the combination is strangely fitting. I’m going to go listen to some more – and you should, too.

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