Atari's Greatest Hits: 100 retro titles for iOS

Missile Command, from Atari's Greatest Hits

Missile Command!

Rejoice, retro gamers – Atari has donned its Fairy Godmother costume, and is bringing 100 old-school games to your iOS device. Atari’s Greatest Hits is a Universal app (so it’ll work on your iPhone and your iPad), and also brings with it original cabinet and box art along with the timeless titles.

The app itself is a free download, with PONG thrown in for free. If you want to add to your library, there are 92 Atari 2600 games and 18 classic arcade releases available as in-app purchases. Pick them up either as 25 separate game packs for $0.99 each, or fork over $14.99 to pick up all 100.

…and while many of them are just the same as you remember, some are even better with the addition of Bluetooth multiplayer.

Here’s the full list:

Asteroid Pack
· Asteroid
· Asteroid Deluxe
· Asteroids 2600
· Canyon Bomber [Bluetooth Multiplayer]

Battlezone Pack
· Battlezone
· Red Baron
· Air-Sea Battle [Bluetooth Multiplayer]
· Submarine Commander

Centipede Pack
· Centipede
· Millipede
· Centipede 2600
· Millipede 2600

Black Widow Pack
· Black Widow
· Space Duel [Bluetooth Multiplayer]
· Desert Falcon
· Space War

Crystal Castles Pack
· Crystal Castles
· Crystal Castls 2600
· Surround [Bluetooth Multiplayer]
· Maze Craze

Gravitar Pack
· Gravitar
· Gravitar 2600
· Radar Lock
· Demons to Diamonds [Bluetooth Multiplayer]

Star Raiders Pack
· Star Raiders
· Liberator
· Star Ship [Bluetooth Multiplayer]
· Human Cannonball

Missile Command Pack
· Missile Command
· Missile Command 2600
· Fun with Numbers
· Flag Capture [Bluetooth Multiplayer]

Lunar Lander Pack
· Lunar Lander
· Sky diver [Bluetooth Multiplayer]
· Video Pinball
· Code Breaker

Super Breakout Pack
· Super Breakout
· Breakout [Bluetooth Multiplayer]
· Off – the – Wall
· Circus Atari [Bluetooth Multiplayer]

Tempest Pack
· Tempest [Bluetooth Multiplayer]
· Tempest 2600 [Bluetooth Multiplayer]
· Outlaw
· Atari Video Cube

Major Havoc Pack
· Major Havoc
· Secret Quest
· Sentinel
· Yar’s Revenge [Bluetooth Multiplayer]

Warlords Pack
· Warlords [Bluetooth Multiplayer]
· Warlords 2600
· Combat [Bluetooth Multiplayer]
· Combat 2 [Bluetooth Multiplayer]

Adventure Pack
· Adventure
· Haunted House
· Return to Haunted House
· Save Mary

Tic-Tac-Toe Pack
· 3d Tic-Tac-Toe
· A game of concentration
· Backgammon
· Brain Games

Fatal Run Pack
· Fatal Run
· Dodge ‘Em
· Night Driver
· Street Racer [Bluetooth Multiplayer]

Quadrun Pack
· Quadrun
· Slot Racers [Bluetooth Multiplayer]
· Stellar Track
· Math Gran Prix

Casino Pack
· Casino [Bluetooth Multiplayer]
· Slot Machine
· Video Checkers
· Video Chess

Sword Quest Pack
· Swordquest Earthworld
· Swordquest Fireworld
· Swordquest Waterworld
· Sprintmaster

Championship Soccer Pack
· Championship Soccer [Bluetooth Multiplayer]
· Golf
· Double Dunk
· Basketball

Football Pack
· Football [Bluetooth Multiplayer]
· Home Run
· Miniature Golf
· Bowling

Real Sports Basketball Pack
· Realsports Basketball [Bluetooth Multiplayer]
· Realsports Boxing [Bluetooth Multiplayer]
· Realsports Tennis [Bluetooth Multiplayer]
· Realsports Baseball [Bluetooth Multiplayer]

Real Sports Football Pack
· Realsports Football [Bluetooth Multiplayer]
· Realsports Soccer [Bluetooth Multiplayer]
· Realsports Vollyball [Bluetooth Multiplayer]
· Video Olympics [Bluetooth Multiplayer]

Battlezone Pack
· Battlezone 2600
· Super Breakout 2600
· Super Baseball
· Super Football

Hangman Pack
· Hangman
· Black Jack
· Steeplechase

And as if that wasn’t all totally fabulous stand-alone news, it gets even better. Atari and ION Audio have teamed up to make one of last year’s [surl=]ThinkGeek[/surl] April Fool’s Day pranks a reality – the iCade enclosure is now a totally legitimate product.

ThinkGeek's iCade

iCade - it's real!

This new gaming cabinet turns your iPad into a nifty little retro experience, connecting to the tablet via Bluetooth and giving you a familiar-feeling joystick and some buttons to mash. How better to test it out than play through some of the 100 classics included in Atari’s Greatest Hits? I know of at least one old-school gamer who’s snapped this one up, and I bet that number will increase before the day is out.

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