THQ joins Random House to create cross-media

Having recently finished reading the Homefront tie-in novel, The Voice of Freedom, I’m interested to learn that THQ have just signed a new deal with publishers Random House, aiming to create a new cross-media franchise.

Homefront: The Voice of Freedom

The first collaboration between THQ and Random House

The pair are working together on a new IP, spanning both novels and games – creating a project where the books are just as important as the games.

THQ‘s Creative and Business Development Director, Lenny Brown, has explained:

“This collaboration is a shining example of how we can generate interesting and exciting publishing opportunities as our various media continue to converge. Working with the incredible team at Random House, we expect to build a huge IP universe from the ground up, exploring the characters, settings, and stories of these worlds in ways that let each medium do what it does best, and giving fans a truly unequaled experience. We hope to make this relationship the gold standard in transmedia.”

This could foreseeably go in one of two directions. The quality of the video games may stoop to the much-maligned level of gaming tie-in novels. Or, if we’re lucky – the books may be raised up to match the games, bringing a much stronger narrative to the table.

Time will tell – this new union hasn’t yet announced what they’re working on.

(Incidentally, The Voice of Freedom was a surprisingly enjoyable read. Not necessarily a great work of literature, but I found myself getting wrapped up in the storyline, identifying with characters, and pausing to wonder whether or not it was all really possible.)

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