British boy hero used DS to save mum from fire

A young boy who used his Nintendo DS to save his mother from a house fire late last year has been presented with an award recognising his “heroic” actions.

Nintendo DS

Jake's quick-thinking - and handheld gaming - saved his life

11-year old Jake Goode noticed an orange glow coming from his closet, which contained the house’s boiler. He explains that he first looked for his phone to use as a light, but then turned to the next best thing.

“I thought I know where my DS was, switched it on, and used it as a torch to go wake my mum.

“We ran downstairs and phoned the fire brigade.”

Proud mum Louise Worsey explains her son may have learned to use his initiative from his father Mick – a firefighter!

“You think your children owe you their lives, but I actually owe Jake my life.”

Now 12 years old, Jake has been presented with a commendation certificate from the Chief Fire Officer of the local Cleveland Fire Brigade, Ian Hayton, who referred to the boy as a hero.

“Jake’s quick thinking to use his Nintendo DS as a light source to help guide himself and his Mum out of the house probably saved their lives.”

Source: BBC

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