Super Meat World unleashes 140 new levels

The fellows over at Team Meat have been working very hard on their latest creation, and are happy to report that Super Meat World is now live on Steam.

Super Meat World in Super Meat Boy


It’s a new, free, unlockable package for Super Meat Boy – all you need to do is grab 20 bandages in the game, and the level portal will unlock just to the left of ch1.

And, y’know, these indie developers don’t like to do things by halves. Super Meat World introduces more than 140 new levels – created by devs and other users – bringing the total for the game to 500+.

The Facts:

– Super Meat World is a bonus chapter that unlocks with 20 bandages. (its to the left of ch1)

– Super Meat World is a full level portal that allows you to play custom made chapters and single levels designed by users, other dev teams and team meat.

– Super Meat World launched at 10am today with 8 new chapters (over 140 levels, bringing the level total beyond 500!)

– Super Meat World is a work in progress. more features will be added as time passes.

– Super Meat World is 100% FREE.

Super Potato Boy!

...if only.

Team Meat has also announced a public beta for a new level editor, due to go live “soon”. Keep an eye out for an update that introduces a chapter simply called “The Unknown”, which features a random selection of highly-rated user-created levels, too!

…unfortunately, we hear that Super Potato Boy was simply an April 1st hoax – but, to help apologise for that, Super Meat Boy is on sale via Steam, for 50% off, as well as part of the amazing Potato Sack bundle. “It’s honestly a stupid awesome deal…” say the developers.

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