Rockstar Games takes cover of Esquire Magazine

While not a conventional “gaming” publication, famous UK men’s magazine [surl=]Esquire[/surl] is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Trying something a little bit different, the editors asked a collection of artists, actors and “creators” to design a unique cover for the mag, representing the theme “Man at his Best”.

The covers have been unveiled slowly over the month of March. Alongside Simpsons creator Matt Groening, Rolling Stone Keith Richards and 2009 Formula 1 World Champion Jenson Button, we find the ladies and gentlemen of Rockstar Games, who have created a truly unique work of art.

Rockstar Games - cover for Esquire Magazine

Rockstar Games Take Cover of Esquire

Our cover art, designed to reflect the decay that exists alongside all things beautiful, definitely warrants close inspection – not only is it a little creepier than it appears at first glance, but you might see a few things you recognize from our games across the years.

Staff at Esquire were gobsmacked.

No, you’re not having some sort of hallucination, that’s a hummingbird with a skull and somewhere in there amongst the insects, there’s also a caffeine-hungry Statue Of Liberty, an eagle and a helicopter.

…it seems they had a certain something in mind when asking for a contribution from the creators of Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto, Max Payne and L.A. Noire – but the end result from Rockstar was something even they couldn’t have hoped for. We like it, too.

Head to the Esquire website for more contributions to the [surl=]Take Cover project[/surl].

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