RedLynx brings 1000 Heroz to iOS

When RedLynx promised an iOS game that “lasts 1000 days” and features “1000 heroes to guide, 1000 levels to explore and 1000 relics to gather”, it’s understandable why many people thought it was probably a joke.

But – now, we’ve seen a video, and heard a bit more, and now 1000 Heroz doesn’t sound quite so impossible (in fact, it looks pretty awesome, really).

The game, for iPhone / iPod touch / iPad, blends platforming and racing – similar to RedLynx‘s physics-based stunt racer Trials. This time though, it’s people, not motorbikes doing the platforming.

RedLynx creative director Antti Ilvessuo explains:

“We’ve designed 1000 Heroz to last for a thousand days, so whether you play every day or play only occasionally, there’s always something new for you. It’s a new idea, where you can get your daily dose of Heroz right from the start.”

[img_big]center,7760,2011-03-31/1000Heroz-5571106612_674a55a912_b.jpg,One of the Heroz[/img_big]

The boastful promises make sense now, too. Every 24 hours, the game will introduce a new hero, who will find a new treasure after exploring a new level. Each daily stage will have its own leaderboard, and as you progress, you can jump into daily time-based challenges, or head back to earlier levels to collect relics and gold.

1000 Heroz is due out this month, with a version for iPhone / iPod touch and one for iPad.

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