Baby suffocates while Dad plays WoW

In January 2009, Andrew Warner was – allegedly – too busy playing World of Warcraft to remove the pillow he saw over his infant son’s face. The baby suffocated to death, and his father now faces charges of involuntary manslaughter, second degree cruelty to children, reckless conduct and making false statements to police.

Andrew Warner

Andrew Warner

Warner – a Navy sailor – told police that he had been babysitting the boy while his wife and her mother went shopping. Father and son played together for a while, Warner fed the boy, gave him a pacifier and then put him to sleep on his parents’ bed, with pillows placed carefully around him so that he could not crawl off.

Warner’s original story claimed that he watched music videos for “much of the afternoon”, before logging in to World Of Warcraft at around 3:30pm. He claimed that, during a bathroom break, he noticed the boy had “scooted” his head partly under a pillow, but Warner removed it and said the baby was breathing fine. His wife arrived home and allegedly found the baby had died in his sleep, “just as they were leaving” to go to her mothers house for dinner.

But. The baby’s autopsy report showed the baby had suffocated to death, and the truth came out.

World of Warcraft Logo

World of Warcraft

Warner’s PC showed that he had logged into World of Warcraft around 12:30pm, shortly after arriving home. He admitted that, while playing, he had heard the baby crying, but didn’t check on him until a bathroom break later in the game.

Assistant District Attorney Katie Udy observed:

“He said that that game had consumed much of his life, that he sometimes played five to seven hours a day.

“He said he loses track of time when he plays this game, and he doesn’t know how long [the baby] had been crying.”

Poking his head into the bedroom, Warner confessed that he noticed the pillow lying on top of the boy’s head – but didn’t take the time to remove it, as there was “no way to pause” his game.

The baby stopped crying, and Warner checked in on him later, thinking the boy was sleeping. His wife discovered the child’s lifeless body some time before 5pm.

The court case continues – if found guilty, Warner could be sentenced to more than 10 years for involuntary manslaughter, plus the other charges.

Source: [surl=]The Florida Times-Union[/surl]

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