He's Coming! Max Payne 3's grand return

It feels like we last heard about Max Payne 3 back in 2009, when the game was first announced. Since then, it’s been virtual radio silence from Rockstar, leading many to think the game had been scrapped.

But you can dry those tears! Max Payne 3 is alive, kicking, rougher and more cynical than ever, and we have two new screens to prove it.

[img_big]center,3578,2011-03-30/img1-1280.jpg,Dark and mysterious…[/img_big]

[img_big]center,3578,2011-03-30/img0-1280.jpg,Is that… hair?[/img_big]

First outed on the [surl=https://twitter.com/#!/RockstarGames/status/53094164606365696]Rockstar Twitter[/surl], these images are spawning debate across the internets.

Originally planned for release in late 2009, Max Payne 3 was pushed back to 2010, to “benefit from having more development time”. Since then, it was pushed back again to 2011, but December 2010 saw the title strangely absent from the Take Two 2011-2012 release calendar.

So it looks like nobody’s quite sure when Max will be back – but at least we have signs that, despite the rumours, he really will be, eventually.

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