Goodbye Hudson / Hello Konami

Hudson Soft

Good luck, little bee!

It’s the end of an era, Hudson Entertainment has posted one last, wistful [surl=!/HudsonEnt/status/53196487286468608]Tweet[/surl], thanking fans for their years of support, and saying goodbye.

“Dear Hudson fans. Thanks for your support for all these years! We’ll be closing our account tomorrow.”

This is all part of Konami‘s acquisition of the company, due to be completed – you guessed it – April 1st.

The company was first founded in 1973, and was the first third-party software vendor for the Nintendo Famicom.

From April 2005, Konami has been a majority stakeholder in Hudson, until January of this year, when it officially acquired the company, making it a wholly-owned subsidiary.

The business decision was largely prompted by Hudson‘s performance in the social networking realm, not to mention their success in mobile gaming.

Earlier this year, Konami said as part of a filing:

“Above all in the Internet media industry, advanced function portable terminals ‘smart phones’ are becoming increasingly popular, and contents business opportunities for smart phones are expected to increase.

“Entering into new network services, including social network games, as considered with the booming [social network services] is expected to increase opportunities to recruit new users and the multifaceted development of our contents.”


Here's hoping he pops up again...

We’re not sure what this will really mean for beloved Hudson titles like Bomberman – we’re hoping they’ll still be just as well looked-after in their new homes.

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