BurgerTime returns with the lot – in HD

Anybody order the retro special with fries? MonkeyPaw Games have just unveiled the official digital download revamp of the fast-food classic, BurgerTime HD. This beloved arcade puzzler is set to return to hungry gamers worldwide, on Xbox LIVE Arcade, PlayStation Network, WiiWare and the humble PC.

…some things have changed since we first saw the game in the mid-80s – the playing field is now cylindrical! – but others stay the same, just the way you like it. Create enormous hamburgers while fighting off hot-dogs, condiments and spices, now in a new 3D world.

[img_big]center,7748,2011-03-30/BT-360-Screenshot2.jpg,BurgerTime HD on Xbox 360[/img_big]

Map out the obstacle-littered platforms (you can see the entire level at once now), and explore various burger-making techniques.

President of MonkeyPaw Games, John Greiner, is pleased with the game’s comeback:

“It’s been 29 years since the original debut and now BurgerTime is back and much better than ever. By creating unique platform features while faithfully retaining the original gameplay, BurgerTime HD will redefine retro evolution.

“We also love the fact that playing the game makes our team really hungry!”

[img_big]center,7748,2011-03-30/BT-PS3-Screenshot2.jpg,…and on PS3[/img_big]

I used to play BurgerTime on my Commodore 64 as a child, so I’m very excited to see this one return as BurgerTime HD – now with four-player online multiplayer as well as a split-screen local version. We’ll see the return of the “devilish” Mr. Egg, some starving bosses, pesky pepper shakers and other unsavoury characters – all determined to undermine Chef Peter Pepper’s recipe for success!

BurgerTime HD is due out in the next few months, in Summer 2001 (northern hemisphere time).

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