id Software set to Rage in paperback

One of my guilty pleasures: Video game books. I don’t mean strategy guides, I mean the novelisations and prequels and back-stories and preliminary reading that gives you so much insight into the world of the game.

…so it’s unsurprising that I am particularly pleased with the news that Matt Costello, who helped write id Software‘s upcoming FPS Rage is also working on a book based on the story.

[img_big]center,1168,2010-11-17/rage2010bfg10.jpg,Set to be a real page-turner[/img_big]

As we know, the game is set in a post-apocalyptic world, devastated by an asteroid and struggling to rebuild life. Mutants and bandit gangs roam the streets – or what would have been streets, before.

The novel, as-yet-unnamed (but we’re betting on Rage, for consistency) will delve deeper into the background of the apocalypse. Before impact, western civilisation knew that it was doomed, so the best and brightest were gathered up and put into stasis, buried until a later date.

Lt. Nick Raine was one of these sleeping souls, and when he finally emerges from his Ark, he discovers that the human race has not been wiped out, and instead of the empty world the scientists predicted, he now faces life in this new, terrifying society.

Too many words? Rage will also enjoy a three-issue comic book release, packed with pictures, and set just before the events of the game.

Comic series kicks off in June, while the novelisation is due in late August, just a few weeks before Rage is set for release for PS3, PC, Mac and Xbox 360. It’s out now for iPhone, if you need a quick fix.

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