Minecraft to upgrade to v1.4 within days

Minecraft fans, listen up. Notch has revealed that Mojang is hoping to upgrade the game to v1.4 later this week!

A wolf, in Minecraft


This is, of course, the update that will introduce wolves into the game, but it will also bring with it “a rather ambitious statistics tracking and achievement system”. At the moment, Notch says that the game is tracking 662 different statistics, and his favourite is “meters flown” (we’re assuming that’s “from explosions” rather than anything to do with aircraft…).

If you’ve ever wanted to change your spawn point in the game, now’s your chance, too.

Once this one’s out and in the wild, Notch and the rest of the crew at Mojang are planning on “figuring out exactly what to do with the modding, which should result in a nice modding API.”

Oh, and… y’know, they’ve started working on a mobile version of Minecraft, too. That should be interesting, right?

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