TF2 fans spend $300,000 on charity hats

It’s really lovely to see how much the games industry has been supporting Japan following the recent devastating earthquakes and tsunami. Today’s happy update comes courtesy Team Fortress 2, who last week announced the sale of three very special in-game hats, with all proceeds going towards charity efforts.

Team Fortress 2 - Japanese Charity Hats

Would you wear one of these?

The three hats were sold in different price brackets: The “Humanitarian’s Hachimaki” ($7.99), the “Benefactor’s Kanmuri” ($19.99) and the awfully impressive “Magnanimous Monarch” (a whopping $99.99).

We’re not quite sure how many people bought each individual model, but what we do know is that the Team Fortress 2 fanbase has chipped in more than $300,000 in seven days.

Take a BOW, TF2 community — because that is an incredible, frankly astounding, amount of money from a dedicated number of gamers, to one heck of a lot of people in some real need right now. Anytime someone gives you guff about something negative in gaming, you go ahead and point them to this post, because here’s some late-breaking damn news: they are wrong and gamers are generous and awesome.

This money will be sent to the [surl=]American Red Cross[/surl] – and it’s not too late to jump in. All three hats (and two special noisemakers!) will be on sale until April 6th, but when they’re gone, they’re gone for good.

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