Steam invaded by Darkspore open beta

EA have just released the Darkspore beta onto Steam, so if you’ve been hanging out for a bit of sci-fi action-RPG action, and haven’t checked this one out yet, here’s your chance!

Darkspore is loosely based on the original “evolution sim” Spore, but it’s not quite Spore 2.

The open beta is now freely available for anyone to download and play – and will be hanging around until Friday, April 1st. Hop in, and take on some four player co-op, or perhaps a 1v1 or 2v2 Player vs Player match, if that takes your fancy?

If you like it enough, you can also pick up a pre-order for the game, via Steam, of course. The digital distribution service is also offering a Darkspore four-pack, including four downloadable copies of the game for the price of three. Why would you want four identical games? Why, to share among your friends, of course!


Darkspore is scheduled for release on April 26th.

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