Gamers complain of 3DS discomfort

With Nintendo‘s new 3DS now released into the wild, reports are starting to trickle in that the glasses-free 3D is causing headaches. Gamers are complaining of eye-strain, discomfort and even migraines after using the handheld, and it’s gotten to the point where Big N has made an official response.

Nintendo 3DS in Aqua Blue

May cause headaches

Robert Saunders, Head of Communications at Nintendo UK has responded to a post on MaxConsole which saw hundreds of 3DS gamers complaining about feeling ill after using the handheld for even a short while.

“We have shown Nintendo 3DS at multiple events around the world to literally hundreds of thousands of people and have received very few negative comments. As with anything that requires focus, from reading to staring at a computer screen, taking breaks frequent breaks is always recommended.

“When viewing any kind of 3D images (TV, movies etc.), some people might experience minor discomfort. The effects are short term and have no lasting effect, in fact most players can continue after taking a short break. The Nintendo 3D was designed with a 3D depth slider that lets users adjust the 3D effect to a level that suits them for optimum enjoyment.”

Of course, the depth slider he refers to can be used to completely turn off the 3D effect, which – hopefully – should also eliminate the headache-inducing element of the system. But, y’know, it does kinda defeat the purpose a bit too, right?

The news comes after Nintendo warned against young children playing with the device, as it may cause problems with their young eyesight. Recently, optometrists argued that the 3D technology may actually help diagnose problems with kids’ eyes – leading Nintendo to explain that the statement was designed to protect the company against lawsuits.

Perhaps it wasn’t the kids who should have been worried – more complaints seem to be coming from the grown-up demographic…

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