Metacritic now keeps individual developer scores

Furthering the cult of personality that’s sneaking into the games industry, review score aggregator [surl=]Metacritic[/surl] has started offering listings for individual game developers, rather than simply studios. This means that major game development identities now have a sort of profile page, featuring an aggregate score for all the games they have been credited on.

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An interesting move...

Some are unsurprising – BioShock creator [surl=]Ken Levine[/surl] stands at 89. The mind behind Fable, [surl=]Peter Molyneux[/surl], has 82 (lower than anticipated? Blame Theme Park). Meanwhile, [surl=]Cliffy B[/surl] can thank the original Unreal Tournament and Gears of War for cancelling out Geist and giving him an 86.

Some though, are unexpected. Nintendo hero [surl=]Shigeru Miyamoto[/surl] is lower than each of those three, scoring just 80/100, thanks to Donkey Kong: Barrel Blast.

Donkey Kong: Barrel Blast

The guy responsible for Shiggy's bad rap

Currently, all developers who have credits on [surl=]Metacritic[/surl]-ranked games can look themselves up using the firstname-lastname format in the URL

Of course, it’s not perfect. Many developers are already claiming that the site’s list is incomplete, which makes the whole exercise a little pointless. Information is pulled from [surl=]GameFAQs[/surl], and [surl=]Metacritic[/surl] recommends that developers submit additions and changes directly to that site.

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